Selfie Reflection

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The Selfie Reflection includes a Bluetooth wireless remote control device and the patent-pending Selfie Reflector, which enhances the use of the high resolution camera on the back surface of your iOS or Android Smartphone.

Comes in 5 exciting colors!

Works great for photos and videos!

No application download required – just pair to your Smartphone

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The Selfie Reflection puts the fun back into taking Selfies!  It features the Selfie Remote, a Bluetooth wireless remote control that uses a single button to control your Smartphone camera on both iOS and Android Devices without the need to download an application!  With a range of up to 30Ft, the remote eliminates the need to use the self-timer built into your phone and avoid the rush back to make it into the photo.  The remote also features a sleep mode which provides for extended battery life.  The remote comes in 5 exciting colors and works great for controlling both photos and videos on your Smartphone or tablet.  For your convenience, the Selfie Remote also comes with a short lanyard that attaches to the headphone jack on your Smartphone or tablet.

The package also includes the patent-pending Selfie Reflector which mounts to the rear surface of your phone and provides a handy tool for framing your Selfies while using the high resolution camera on the back of your phone.  Being able to effectively use your phone’s high resolution camera for taking Selfies makes for high quality images and eliminates the grainy nature of Selfies shot with the low resolution front-facing camera.  Other benefits of using the high resolution camera are typically wider angle lens support and access to the camera flash for after dark Selfies…

2 reviews for Selfie Reflection

  1. Cobus Bester

    being able to use the high res camera makes a big difference in the image quality.

  2. Maria

    Can’t wait to start using this with my Selfie Extender!

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