Dual USB Connector Flash Drive


With limited storage available on most Smartphones, there is often a need to free up storage by downloading some of our Selfie photos.  The Selfie Flash is a unique product that supports the fast USB 2.0 interface. The Selfie Flash connects via  the standard USB “A” connector for use on your PC or Mac, and also has a micro-USB connector for use on your Smartphone or tablet.  Also included is MacroVault AES 256 encryption software for Windows that can protect your important data.  This easy to use encryption software supports a unique “Remember Me” feature, meaning you do not need to insert a password on  computers that you trust.

Available in 16 & 32 GB capacity – unit color may vary…

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The Selfie Flash is a unique product that supports USB 2.0. and it’s two connector design allows you to share files between your Smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac.  It includes a standard “A” USB connector for use on full size computers as well as a micro USB for connecting to your Android Smartphone or tablet.  Great for backing up or archiving your important photos and documents. The Selfie Flash also includes our innovative MacroVault encryption software for protecting your important files stored on the Flash from prying eyes.  Macrovault offers strong AES 256 bit encryption coupled with its unique “Remember Me” feature that allows you to bypass the entry of the password on hardware devices that you trust – such as your home computer etc while being completely locked in the event you lose or misplace the Selfie Flash.  Also included is a link to the trial version of the System Reflection backup software suite for Windows based computers and tablets.  With System Reflection you can create a complete backup of your operating system, data and settings to an external USB device and best yet, that backup can become the boot device in the case where your system drive fails.  Instant recovery lets you continue to work until you have time to fix the problem with your system drive.

The Selfie Flash is available in 16 & 32 GB capacities – unit color may vary …

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